Memories of Love

After I graduated with my PhD, there was an expectation of working in academia and writing a book. Yes, I’ve worked adjunct  and now, have published two books. Yes, two. Not in the academic field where I though I’d come up with a new theory to explain my research studies on Sexual Violence in the Lives of Lesbian Rape Survivors. But rather,  a fictional narrative, a love story.

It all started with the story of Gia and Armando, two souls who managed to find each other amidst life’s uncertainties. It was a simple story of boy meets girl or rather an older man meets a young woman and falls in love. It was a May-December romance. A theme born from my Master’s Thesis on Age Heterogamous Relationships, where I interviewed couples with at least a 10-year-age gap.

However, as I wrote the story of Gia and Armando, other narratives came alive and their stories had to be told. And so, a prequel came into existence.  Memories of Love tells the story of Francisco and Bernadette, once more delving into Age Heterogamous relationships  with a gamut of issues including grief and loss. But with a prequel, it suggests a sequel. Thus, I’m working on the third book, Love Comes Around.

Writing and painting are my new hobbies which somehow frees my spirit to express, create and just Be! If you haven’t read To Love Again grab an e-book on Kindle or a paperback through Amazon. Drop me a line and tell me what you think!


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