To Love Again Available on Amazon and Kindle

“To Love Again by Pearl Purino Campbell is not just another love story from off the shelves. It actually talks about a deep sense of family and the realization to pursue one’s dreams and aspirations. Given its passionate narrative and generous insights, the book will be remembered long after it has been read. It relates well to its readers as they create a bond with the text and affinity with its characters.”  Majorie Maje 5 stars  on Goodreads

Available on Amazon and Kindle


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Pearl Purino Campbell is a psychotherapist and is currently working on a novel/collection of short stories. She is the mother of two wonderful sons and grandmother to two adorable boys and beautiful girl. Pearl loves to travel and see the world.


Memories of Love

After I graduated with my PhD, there was an expectation of working in academia and writing a book. Yes, I’ve worked adjunct  and now, have published two books. Yes, two. Not in the academic field where I though I’d come up with a new theory to explain my research studies on Sexual Violence in the …


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